All about ‘To Let’ and not to ‘To get’

Today i had a minute observation that we all humans have some or other expectation in every relations. Like having an expectation from parents, friends, kids, siblings, colleagues and many others. But did we really think that expectation only ultimately leads to disappointment, anxiety, fear and ultimately sorrow.

We all have a fear of loosing our loved ones in our life but that fear of loosing someone comes from one of the root cause and i.e expectation.

Though its impossible for any human to live without any expectations from anyone. But there is a thin line between expectation and controlling. As we know that we can’t control nature, then why we try to control others??

Like we all know that as parents we do best for our kids in raising them, but why we cling our expectation on them. Instead why we don’t accept the fact that when they will grow as an adult than they will be on their own i.e ‘busy in their life’. And they would be living their own independent life just like us. Thus why expecting from our kids that in future they will serve us or they will take care of us. Rather, why don’t we try to expect from our own self. And that same goes in all relations whether he or she is a friend, husband, wife, siblings, mother, father, or relatives.

So why don’t we try to fulfill our expectation, our desires, our happiness on our own rather than expecting everything from one person in your life. Why can’t we try to build different companions in our life for different areas for intellectual conversations, for friendly talks, for our desires, for our happiness and love, rather than loading all expectations from one.

By doing so that doesn’t mean we are getting self centered but we are actually being self contented. And being self content, will resolve most of our problems within our relations.
There is a famous saying is ‘The Abundance that you are looking for is within you’. You are your own happiness, love, joy, and prosperity in your life.

Just like a tree gives its fruits, a shade to lean on to everyone without any discrimination and expectation. So why don’t we just focus on cherishing our relations and doing our own bit for someone rather than expecting from others.

So in all i would say let us try to be grateful and be more giving rather than expecting.

Published by kparikhk

I Krutika am a freelance writer who is trying to spread awareness by my wisdom and simultaneously i am also on a journey to grow myself.

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