Expectation leads to Discontentment and Fear leads to Evolvement.

We have always understood that fear is a negative emotion but we have never understood all fears are not negative. Fear actually pushes us to find the solution and in that journey we start knowing ourselves much better than before. It is just as “Look the same from outside but inside you is transformed”.

Like for an instance a fear of loosing your job, loosing your identity, loosing your partner or any relation whether its anyone who is close to you, will i be able to earn more money or not? What would i do if have no money? What would i do if i would be alone in my life?

These all fears helps you to grow, It helps you to look inside you and you start working on those qualities like love, compassion, kindness, courage, passion.
Just notice how it changes inside you with your thought process. If you have a fear of loosing someone – you start giving more time to them, If you have a fear of loosing a job – you start working more efficiently and focusing on it. If you fear of loosing your identity – you start doing things which makes you happy. The most common fear nowadays is about not to get infected by Covid, and eventually to some extent that fear is helping us because we start taking care of our health and hygiene. And thus the whole world slowly and gradually shifting towards Ayurveda.

Similarly a fear of no change in life, is itself a change in life. There is a famous saying that “We always want situation to change, but we never see that we are in that situation so that we change.” – This statement has such a deeper meaning that to get any change in your life whether its monetary, personal or professional which you are facing the situation from long and want it to get change but we don’t see that this situation which we are in right now is just because it is us which needs to be changed and have to grow.

We all have before and after pictures about how we use to look before and now. Similarly just check yourself how we use to think before 5 years from now and what are our thought process now. Basically we all are growing, so be happy with whatever lesson we are learning in our journey because its for our own good.

Expectation leads to discontentment is because we expect others to behave the same way what you want them to and think the same way what we think and speak the same way how we expect them to speak and that leads to discontentment and create more suffering to ourselves rather than the person from whom you are expecting. So instead why don’t we keep expectation to our own self rather than giving your power of happiness to others or giving away your power of making yourself sad or hurt by others. Because we cannot control or change others not to hurt us but we can change ourselves so that we don’t get hurt by others.

Each thought, each action in the sunlight of awareness becomes Sacred.” And thus I am grateful for sharing my thought.

Published by kparikhk

I Krutika am a freelance writer who is trying to spread awareness by my wisdom and simultaneously i am also on a journey to grow myself.

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