Make your Mark.

Few days back my daughter was being told a short story by her teacher in her online class which i would like to share here ‘Once a young girl named ‘Washthi’ was very upset and was very sad that she didn’t have any passion like any other kids nor she thought that she was good at her teacher gave her a blank paper and asked her to do whatever she wants to or would like to do but Washthi unaware of her skills, she just put a dot on it.. Though teacher having faith in Washthi asked her to make a mark on that paper, so she wrote her name on it and also motivated her to do more..On the other hand Washthi, inspite of not knowing what she was doing, she kept on drawing different types of circles with different colors and size every time and every day.. And finally she made so many of such paintings by merging different colors and creating new shades and eventually she became an expert and one day she held her own art exhibition. By seeing her uniqueness through her art, she inspired others..and she passed on that same message what her teacher gave and handed over a blank paper to other kids and leave a mark on it..

My conclusion to this whole story was about to refer that when we say all kids are special,why we don’t say that we all are special…By growing up why we loose our own uniqueness. why we don’t try to create our mark in what we are good at. “A mark doesn’t know what age bar you are why don’t we just give a try”

Everyone of us have special abilities within whether it is reading, painting, gardening, music, cooking, story telling, or dancing and many more.It is just which needs to enhanced and share it to others. Let me be specific, “When a ‘Passion’ brought with ‘Compassion’ and ‘Expertise’, combining these becomes your ‘Dharma’” which helps to inspire others..

It is just that we have to dig deeper and have to find it.. ‘Its like when we want to have flesh of green coconuts, we need to break through hard shells and dig deeper of coconut in order to enjoy and relish that sweetness..’ Similarly when we go to the roots of our emotions and find our likes and dislikes..We come out with flying colors.

I know many of us would be living their life that we work but we don’t love doing it. And what we love doing it but have no skills..Moreover we don’t really open ourselves just on the basis of that notion on ‘What would others think’. And just by thinking that, we limit ourselves. Actually that is the fear in our mind which we actually put on others and eventually tame our mind to follow the way what our culture or society teach us to act rather than to explore. So instead why don’t we just try to be our real self though its raw, though its unfinished. By doing what you like to do will give you content, peace and live a purposeful life. I would just like to add words once said by ‘Jerry Spinelli’, “Live today like there’s no tomorrow”

To love yourself is not just about pampering yourself, it is also about doing and learning things which interest you. It just takes one hour of your day..Give one hour of your day to yourself in what you love to do and share it to the world..Nowadays there are so many platforms to share creativity though its not for earning perspective..It is just that you love doing it and you do for your happiness and by seeing that which inspires others to do more..And the best part there are no age bars, no qualifications needed..whether he or she is a daughter, a mother, a father, or a mother in law, father in law, a housewife, a businessman, or doing job, or who is a college student…Irrespective what role you are living..It is just about spending one hour a day.

Lastly i would like to say “Leave your mark before you go” and be Thankful.

Published by kparikhk

I Krutika am a freelance writer who is trying to spread awareness by my wisdom and simultaneously i am also on a journey to grow myself.

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