‘B’ for ‘Balanced’

We all take care of our body through balanced diet, similarly our soul needs a balanced life..And thus our mind and heart should also be used in a balanced way depending upon certain circumstances.

So Today i would like to share a basic overview of 8 life structures which we all humans have, as per what i studied in Life Visioning by ‘Michael Beckwith – a spiritual founder and an Author’..And these structures are Non- linear in dynamic.

1. Relationship – The relation which first start with yourself and then with others. When any kind of relation where there is ‘No Expectation’ and when you start understanding the basic values of ‘To let and not to get’, you are in sync in harmony with all relations starting with you yourself.

2. Body Temple – ‘We don’t have soul, we are soul and we soul have a body’. Our body is like a home which needs to be maintained in order to live in…Similarly in order to fulfill the purpose of our soul, we need our body to be taken care of.

3. Ego – As long as we have Body temple, we have Ego. Healthy Ego is like I grow and you also grow.. And when we have healthy Ego, Narcissism dissolves.

While, Unhealthy Ego is an obstacle to Growth. So always keep an eye on Ego, observe it and limit its power over us.

4. Livelihood – When you get an insight of creativity which adds a light to your livelihood and you start enjoying your work.

5. Finance – Money is like a circulation of energy. It is ok to have money as long as the money does not have us. Always remember ‘You don’t have the money to own you’

6. Spiritual – When filled with the spirit of thanks giving. It develops our Inner sight. Being gratefeful for what you have is the ultimate because there is a Divine energy above everything and that is universe.

7. Belief – Beliefs differ from direct realization of truths. All beliefs are not true, and thus when we don’t blindly believe on what is not true, we study.. If we just merely stay believing something we become radical fundamentalist.

So a belief that is coherent with spiritual laws is a placeholder for us to practice. So we end up ‘Knowing’ something rather than just ‘Believing’

We all have hidden beliefs like level of lack, Not good enough, Level of non support, Level of being alone..These belief often carries out from childhood & creates own experiences..

8. Community: Everything what we are and what we have, belongs to Earth..We learn and what we gain has to be given back..

Community is to share your gifts to be of service and expand your compassion into a selfless service. Service is the direct path to a meaningful life.

We should always keep in mind that “What belongs to you today, belonged to someone yesterday and will be someone else tomorrow.”

Though every structure has its own importance, thus we need to observe in which life structure we thrive and in which structure we vibrate..

Published by kparikhk

I Krutika am a freelance writer who is trying to spread awareness by my wisdom and simultaneously i am also on a journey to grow myself.

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