Success is not the key to Happiness. Happiness is the key to Success.

Why always success has been interlinked with work and money?? And why people run after being successfull. Instead why don’t we pause for some time and enjoy these little moments of happiness because this only what it will count in our life that how have we lived our life..Why we don’t focus on our innerContinue reading “Success is not the key to Happiness. Happiness is the key to Success.”

Journey towards Goodness

Abundance is not just material. Abundance is life itself. As per Bhagwad Geeta – “If you take abundance from abundance, abundance still remains.” When we say do not think back, do not look back, Do not walk back…But still our mind wanders..Because our thoughts are like clouds that are passing by..Its because our brain isContinue reading “Journey towards Goodness”

Expectation leads to Discontentment and Fear leads to Evolvement.

We have always understood that fear is a negative emotion but we have never understood all fears are not negative. Fear actually pushes us to find the solution and in that journey we start knowing ourselves much better than before. It is just as “Look the same from outside but inside you is transformed”. LikeContinue reading “Expectation leads to Discontentment and Fear leads to Evolvement.”

Live with ‘SSS’ factor

Lets try and learn about SSS factor in our life: See Positive, Speak Positive, and Stay positive. Are we all living our each day happily? I am sure that our answers will be no, we all know that all days are not same. And with our each day passing by we create a new experienceContinue reading “Live with ‘SSS’ factor”

Live with Purpose Everyday.

We all human beings are spiritual in nature but yet there are so many misconceptions of Spirituality. Though Spirituality is broader and wider concept to understand and there are many aspects attached to it. But my focus today is not about to elaborate on Spirituality but in short I would like to put my justContinue reading “Live with Purpose Everyday.”

All about ‘To Let’ and not to ‘To get’

Today i had a minute observation that we all humans have some or other expectation in every relations. Like having an expectation from parents, friends, kids, siblings, colleagues and many others. But did we really think that expectation only ultimately leads to disappointment, anxiety, fear and ultimately sorrow. We all have a fear of loosingContinue reading “All about ‘To Let’ and not to ‘To get’”

Way of Living

We all know that we as a human being have all kind of aspirations, dream, passion in our life. And we just blindly run after them without knowing what is the end result on it. Though having aspirations, dreams, passion is not bad but in all that hustle are you enjoying your now? Are youContinue reading “Way of Living”

Live the unplanned life

Do we all know that are we living a planned life daily?? and if we are doing so, did you feel that we are not less than a Robot. And if you think that I have planned my life, my career, for next 10 years or so then did it really went accordingly as perContinue reading “Live the unplanned life”